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WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Wrap up and Quiz
Written by
Vinay Roy
Published on
10th Mar 2024

Congratulations! You finished Module 1.

By now you understand

If you have not already or you want to revise the content before we jump onto Module 2, you can go through the Module 1 by clicking the below links:

  1. WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Lesson 1: Understanding Artificial Intelligence - What is to what could be
  2. WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Lesson 2: Introduction to AI, ML, DL, and Generative AI
  3. WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Lesson 3: When to apply Rule Based Vs ML vs DL
  4. WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Lesson 4: How Machines (and Humans) Learn - Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning
  5. WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Lesson 5: Machine Learning with Advanced Analytics - Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  6. WDIS AI-ML Series: Module 1 Lesson 6: Practical Exercise: Exploring real world Applications of AI/ML

Now before we jump onto the next section, let us check our understanding of Module 1. Take the Module 1 Quiz by clicking on the button on the right side.
You will see your scores and right answers upon completion of the quiz.

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